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Ship design companies know that more than half of the current commercial ships on the sea will need to be replaced within the next decade. Additionally, growth of the global market is also increasing the necessity for immediate ship design and construction. Unlike other ship design programs, SmartMarine® 3D from Intergraph is a comprehensive ship design and construction solution that increases efficiency and reduces costs across a ship's total life cycle.

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SmartMarine 3D for Ship Design Companies

Intergraph's SmartMarine 3D ship design and construction software far exceeds the limitations of traditional ship design programs. Designed for efficiencies at all levels of a ship's life cycle, not just ship design and construction, SmartMarine 3D helps shipbuilding companies of today to better build the ships of tomorrow.

Multidiscipline Shipbuilding Environment. One way SmartMarine 3D is vastly different from other ship design programs is that it is able to bring together all involved parties from ship design companies and the clients they serve in an environment where everybody can have visibility access at the same time - to all designs. This aspect leverages the collective knowledge of experts in ship design and construction for the best possible ship creation.

Ease of Use. You don't have to be a ship CAD specialist to use SmartMarine 3D. Instead, SmartMarine 3D presents users with a familiar Microsoft Windows® interface to help reduce the learning curve and speed the design process.

Shortened Project Schedules. From automation of routine tasks to hull and outfitting interference checking, the ship design and construction capabilities provided by SmartMarine 3D help streamline the entire design process, which in turn reduces project schedules.

Global, Concurrent Marine Engineering. SmartMarine 3D ship design and construction software provides global access to designers, authorities, suppliers, third-party vendors, shipyards, and other relevant parties. This heightened level of transparency is unique among ship design programs and offers ship design companies an avenue to foster improved communication at every level of ship design and construction.

Seamless Software Integration. SmartMarine 3D can be easily integrated with other engineering and ship design programs. Ship design companies can also use SmartPlant adaptors to integrate current legacy software systems with SmartMarine 3D ship design and construction programs as well.

Managing Deliverables. SmartMarine 3D automated system can provide designers and project managers up-to-date drawings and reports at any time.

Knowledge Management. Capturing existing ship design and construction knowledge is essential to being able to flexibly leverage it in the future. SmartMarine 3D preserves data integrity for efficient re-use in future engineering and ship design programs.

Next-Generation Engineering & Ship Design Programs

SmartMarine 3D is just one of the Intergraph software solutions that can improve the ship design and construction process. Comprehensive programs, such as SmartPlant Materials for materials procurement and management and SmartPlant Foundation for complete information management throughout every stage of a ship's life cycle, form a full-service suite of ship design and construction tools that can benefit all ship design companies.

Explore all of our ship design and construction software solutions at our Ship Design and Engineering page or Contact Intergraph today.

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