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Reduce costs while improving quality and productivity with help from Intergraph. The advanced capabilities offered by our comprehensive ship design software enable fast and efficient production of world-class vessels.

Chosen by five of the top ten shipyards around the globe, our inclusive ship design software encompasses customizable solutions for ideal design and assembly, engineering and schematics, information management, as well as materials planning and procurement.

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    Discover why our customers expect delivery schedules to improve by 50 percent as a result of employing our advanced ship design software in combination with the implementation of modified yard processes.
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3D Ship Design - Advanced CAD Capabilities

The forward-looking ship design software offered by Intergraph allows for a more efficient design throughout the entire shipbuilding life cycle. Our integrated software offers the distinct benefits of advanced 3D ship design capabilities. These ship CAD functionalities enable shipbuilders to explore a wide variety of design possibilities during production development. In addition, 3D ship design powered by advanced CAD technology eliminates inefficiencies associated with traditional paper-based design and allows for greater flexibility to easily modify designs.

Additional benefits of Intergraph's 3D ship design software include lower overall costs as a result of reduced prototype and development expenses and higher quality resulting from enhanced design exploration. The next generation CAD technology promotes improved overall communication between multiple parties, as well as reusable designs and shortened production schedules. 3D ship design software from Intergraph is a comprehensive package allowing for fast and efficient production of world-class vessels.

SmartMarine® 3D Ship Design Software

A complementary suite of inclusive design solutions, SmartMarine 3D is the most advanced ship design software offered in two decades.

SmartMarine 3D optimally addresses each facet of the shipbuilding process and includes all of the capabilities needed to produce state-of-the-art designs in a rapid, efficient manner in order to allow for an increased number of completed projects per year. Providing a multitude of capabilities within a single integrated environment, including flexible ship design, production, and life cycle management, Intergraph's advanced ship design software also allows for a smoother iteration process to sufficiently prepare for a wide range "what if" scenarios.

Providing comprehensive capabilities to streamline the entire shipbuilding process rather than solely focusing on design enables Intergraph customers to maximize their system processes and gain maximum benefits from our advanced ship design software.

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Ship Design & Engineering

During the entire shipbuilding life cycle, efficiencies can be improved in multiple areas, extending beyond those which can be optimized through the use of Intergraph's advanced ship design software.

Proven solutions offered from Intergraph also span efficient, accurate materials planning and procurement to empower ship designers to benefit from lower manpower and cost of materials. Learn more about integrating materials and management into ship design with SmartPlant® Materials from Intergraph.

Maximizing efficiency throughout the shipbuilding process also includes a powerful, accurate information management system. As the world's most proven, industry-standard engineering information management solution in the process, power, and offshore industry, SmartPlant Foundation effectively manages data storage and ship information throughout the workflow.

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