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Whether your company is looking for integrated solutions for cruise ship design, cargo ship design, naval vessels, ferry transportation, or other marine engineering projects, Intergraph offers complete next-generation ship design solutions. By addressing design from not only a construction standpoint, but also with an eye toward maintenance throughout the life cycle of each ship, Intergraph offers a total solutions software package that can help your organization reduce design costs, increase design productivity, achieve higher design quality, and more.

To start realizing efficiencies in time, costs, materials, and information management, we encourage you to explore Intergraph shipbuilding technology:

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Cruise Ship, Naval Ship, Cargo Ship Design & More

Intergraph offers a full suite of ship design and construction solutions that consider initial ship design, materials management, information sharing/storage, and beyond. From cruise ship design to cargo ship design, each ship has unique structural and engineering concerns. The following solutions are ideal if you are building one ship - or a whole fleet.

Ship Design and Assembly. Intergraph's SmartMarine® 3D ship design software is the most advanced shipbuilding technology to be offered in two decades,. When you are engaged in innovative passenger-based ship design, such as ferry boat or cruise ship design, making sure passengers can get around easily is one concern. Another is creating structural efficiencies, such as how to set up a plumbing system that uses the fewest materials while accommodating the most applications. Cargo ship design, on the other hand, may address issues of usable cargo space, material corrosion rates, EPA standards, and more. Intergraph's SmartMarine 3D design software help can help you design the best ship possible from the day it sets sail to its final docking.

Materials Planning and Procurement. Materials management is a key concern in overall ship construction. If time and costs saved on ship design are squandered on poor materials management, then nobody benefits. SmartPlant® Materials, powered by MARIAN® is the only commercially-available total materials management solution. This solution is designed for life cycle management of materials and helps you reduce costs, shorten production times, and meet international standards.

Information Management. To maximize the efficiencies built into ship design, information management goes hand in hand with materials management. Properly managed information allows for quicker decision making based on real-time access to information. Intergraph's SmartPlant Foundation ship design software not only allows for instant updating over the life cycle of a ship, but its open architecture allows your organization to offer access to third-party vendors so that each can maintain informational updates and improve overall communication starting right at the beginning of ship design.

With its modular architecture, ship design software from Intergraph allows your organization to have the tools it needs, when it needs them, at every conceivable step.

Better Ship Design from Intergraph

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