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Experience the Intergraph difference. As a leading provider of innovative shipbuilding solutions around the globe, the expertise of Intergraph Corporation includes advanced ship engineering and design capabilities to enable minimized cost and maximized efficiency throughout the shipbuilding life cycle.

Offering the most advanced shipbuilding design software in two decades, our focus and expertise includes streamlining the entire shipbuilding process in order to effectively lower costs, increase productivity and shorten production schedules.

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Ship Layout Design & Manufacturing

Designed to fit the way you work, Intergraph technology optimizes ship manufacturing and design processes from start to finish to promote an increased number of completed projects per year. Our integrated solutions incorporate each of the facets involved in the design and management of a ship, and include a comprehensive suite made up of the following areas:

Ship Design and Assembly. From ship layout design to production and life cycle management, Intergraph offers a forward-looking product intended to reduce costs, increase productivity and shorten production schedules, all in one advanced environment.

SmartMarine® 3D provides shipbuilders with enhanced decision support capabilities in order to streamline the global design and production of vessels. Ship engineering and design optimization from Intergraph result in a more competitive shipyard and provide each of the capabilities needed to optimally design and build a ship.

Materials Planning and Procurement. Our advanced solutions provide a more efficient ship manufacturing process by lowering manpower and material costs. Regardless of the specific workflow and workload requirements of a shipyard, SmartPlant® Materials from Intergraph allows for ideal material management from initial ship layout design all the way through ship engineering and construction.

The flexibility and openness offered by SmartPlant Materials facilitates the sharing of data within multiple design systems, clients, subcontractors and suppliers, thus reducing ship engineering hours as well as material surplus and total installation cost.

Information Management. Ensuring the accessibility, accuracy and protection of all ship manufacturing and engineering information, Intergraph's SmartPlant Foundation provides an open data storage system throughout the life cycle of a plant. Encompassing ship plant layout, modifications, upgrades and refurbishment, our industry-standard ship engineering information management system has been proven successful more than any other system in the shipbuilding industry.

Experiencing A Dramatic Improvement

When using our comprehensive suite of advanced ship engineering and design solutions, in combination with adjusted yard processes to maximize the overall system processes, our customers expect to improve delivery schedules for major commercial and naval ships, oil platforms, and FPSOs by 50 percent.

Five of the top ten global shipyards have experienced the enhanced efficiency of ship layout design and improved manufacturing productivity offered by Intergraph's inclusive solutions. Our integrated tools for layout, cable routing, pipe support modeling, rule-driven ship engineering workshare environment, and materials planning and procurement streamline the design and management of a ship from stem to stern.

Discover how comprehensive solutions from Intergraph can enable you to produce world-class vessels in a faster, more efficient way. Contact us today for additional information regarding our ship engineering and design capabilities.

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