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When embarking on their shipbuilding plans, shipbuilding companies often face different challenges depending on the type of ships they manufacture. While some shipbuilding companies specialize only in military vessels and others build cargo ships and cruise ships, the one thing they all have in common is the need for shipbuilding technology that can address their specific needs while decreasing costs and improving efficiency in the shipyard.

Intergraph's Process, Power & Marine division is a proven industry leader in providing innovative shipbuilding technology and services that meet the unique challenges of the worldwide shipbuilding and engineering industry. We invite you to explore our product and service offerings designed to help shipbuilding companies with their shipbuilding plans:

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Innovative Shipbuilding Technology for Shipbuilding Companies

In today's shipbuilding industry, the need for technology that supports concurrent engineering, design, and life cycle management is critical. From the initial design stage of the project through the ship construction stage, Intergraph provides shipbuilding technology designed to reduce costs and increase shipyard productivity. Facets of our shipbuilding technology solutions to assist with shipbuilding plans include:

Ship Design and Assembly. The ship design and construction process benefits from Intergraph shipbuilding technology. Through automating routine tasks and allowing pre-configuration of equipment characteristics, shipbuilding companies benefit from reduced labor costs and quicker time-to-design schedules. Shipbuilding plans can leverage automated drawing generation functionality, providing shipbuilding companies with accurate and up-to-date documentation while also reducing the cost of design.

Materials Planning and Procurement. To maximize efficiency throughout the procurement process, a comprehensive materials management solution is required. By providing workflow management functionality to support a shipyard of any size, Intergraph's shipbuilding technology supports all stages of the shipbuilding process, from concept to procurement.

Information Management. In today's shipbuilding industry, shipbuilding companies need a fresh approach to information management in order to efficiently execute their shipbuilding plans. By facilitating optimization throughout the design, production and life cycle management stages, Intergraph shipbuilding technology provides the information management tools needed to make the shipyard more competitive.

Intergraph delivers innovative shipbuilding technology designed to support shipbuilding companies in the ways they need it most. For shipbuilding companies whose shipbuilding plans are specific to military vessels, or those who design for cruise or cargo ships, ship design and construction are transformed with Intergraph's solutions.

Intergraph-Solutions for your Shipbuilding Plans

Intergraph provides solutions for every size of shipyard and any type of shipbuilding plans. From vessels requiring specialized ship structural design, to shipbuilding plans that require additional offshore engineering services, Intergraph has the shipbuilding technology, the experience, and the track record to help shipbuilding companies gain and maintain a leading edge.

Learn more about how Intergraph solutions can help shipbuilding companies actualize their shipbuilding plans with improved time-to-market, decreased costs and increased productivity at our Ship Design & Engineering page, or by Contacting Us today.

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