Information Management

One of the core components of a sound marine, offshore, and shipbuilding design and operating environment is knowledge and information. A significant challenge is how to capture this specific information, build on it through the design, procurement, and construction phases, and hand this over to owners and operators. Once the essential data is put into the owner’s or operator’s hands, how should this data best be used? This data is the backbone for marine, offshore, and shipbuilding facility decisions in all phases. As the project develops, the data required grows, changes, and transforms into a valuable asset that can be put to use.

Marine, offshore, and shipbuilding designers, owners, and operators need engineering data management software with enhanced decision support capabilities to facilitate global design, production, and life cycle optimization of the offshore facility. From concept and design through maintenance, operations, and decommissioning, Intergraph enables electronic management of all of the marine, offshore, and shipbuilding facilities’ engineering information. By integrating information on the physical asset, processes, and regulatory and safety imperatives, Intergraph’s engineering data management tools can set the basis for the pursuit of operational excellence performance.

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Application Integration

SmartPlant® Foundation provides the application integration hub to the SmartMarine Enterprise. Core data exchange services between participatory tools (Intergraph and others) ensure that data is shared between disciplines in a timely manner, and therefore is consistent throughout a project, eliminating costly and time-consuming errors.

Document Management

Revisions and versions are the nature of engineering. SmartPlant Foundation provides engineering-oriented document management functions that enhance accessibility of information, management of change, and decision support.

Document Control

Records management and transmittals are a critical part of the contracting world. SmartPlant Foundation provides both internal and external transmittals capabilities with audit trailing and approval routing.

PDM/PLM/Capital Project Life Cycle Management (cPLM)

Configuration control and change impact analysis are requirements for managing large, complex projects. SmartPlant Foundation relationship management technologies ensure that the design, licensing, and operating basis is maintained and supports the fabrication, regulatory, and maintenance requirements.

Process Workflow Automation

Providing a task automation, routing, delivery, and execution system that overarches the individual tools is a significant contributor to companies that are seeking to improve quality and productivity through work practice control and standardization. SmartPlant Foundation provides tools to design, develop, execute, and audit structured workflow processes.

Data Handover

Many owners and operators deploy standardized handover practices to ensure smooth startup and transition into operations. Shipyards see it as a business differentiator to add value to their project execution portfolio. In either case, SmartPlant Foundation is the market-leading data and document handover system.

Supplier and Project Execution Portal

Global projects require global collaboration. Information exchanges, decision support, and remote collaboration. SmartPlant Foundation Web Portal provides access to information to project partners around the globe without the need for any of the source application tools on the desktop. Furthering this into operations, the SmartPlant Foundation Web Portal ensures global access to information for owners’ and operators’ offshore facilities from around the globe. This enables owners and operators to offer collaborative solutions in critical situations and base these decisions on accurate, “real-time” information. Promote better decision making through better information accessibility.

Multi-format Viewing and Markup

Any capital project generates a mass of different formats of documents, drawings, 3D models, and databases. SmartPlant Markup Plus provided with SmartPlant Foundation supports more than 150 file formats, including Intergraph's 3D model-streaming technology. The solution enables these various formats to be easily viewed in a single application. Not only is this information easier to manage, but it also can lead to IT cost reductions by eliminating the need for some types of software.

Mechanical Completions

Mechanical completion, commissioning, and startup are the most hectic and costly phases of any capital project. Ensuring the handover team knows the state and status of the asset is an important functionality provided by SmartPlant® Foundation Mechanical Completions.

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