Metals and mining installations can involve piping, vessels, and exchangers as part of handling, processing, and transporting coal, metals, and other minerals. For processing facilities, Intergraph analysis solutions use the latest global design codes and standards to evaluate stresses caused by a variety of natural and manmade factors and conditions that can impact their designs and operations. This helps prevent substandard design, regulatory violations, and potentially catastrophic system failures. With advanced levels of integration and more complete and accurate deliverables, Intergraph analysis solutions aid the design process by ensuring facilities come on stream earlier and with greater reliability.

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The world's major engineering and energy firms standardize and rely on CAESAR II® to provide the analysis that ensures the reliability and safety of their designs for billions of dollars' worth of capital projects and installations worldwide.

CAESAR II makes analysis model-building easy and intuitive with its smart graphics. Interactive error-checking and instant context-sensitive tools help ensure the quality of input and the integrity of the model.

Whether you are designing a new system or troubleshooting an existing one, CAESAR II® produces results that completely describe the system behavior based on user-defined variables and accepted industry guidelines. With CAESAR II, you can do more in less time and with more accurate results.

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