Multilevel Linear Referencing System (MLRS)


Multilevel Linear Referencing System

Intergraph’s Multilevel Linear Referencing System (MLRS) application provides everything you need to build, maintain, and analyze a multilevel, temporal linear referencing system for representing road networks. Editing tools give you a complete data maintenance environment for MLRS data. You can easily add a temporal dimension to both your data maintenance and data analysis.

MLRS is an automated approach to managing the components of a linear reference system network and event data, regardless of the location method or geometric representation used. MLRS is different from the traditional LRS management practice in that the base network can represent multiple linear referencing methods (LRMs), such as county-route-logmile, street name-address, intersection-offset, etc., and can be displayed on the map using multiple geometric representations. Intergraph’s core data model and software manage the various parts of the LRS independently through database joins and relationships. A temporally stable datum links these component parts to support event location stability and temporal data management and analysis. Our MLRS application is also the foundation for our other transportation solutions.


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Key Benefits

  • Simplifies network maintenance
  • Provides stable linear datum
  • Allows temporal LRS analysis
  • Supports multiple LRMs
  • Stabilizes event location


  • GeoMedia Professional – GeoMedia Professional supplies all the functionality of GeoMedia and adds smart tools to capture and edit spatial data. It builds on GeoMedia’s flexibility, scalability, and open standards, and delivers productivity gains for collecting and modifying data and speeding implementation of GIS databases. It also enables you to make live connections to multiple GIS database warehouses simultaneously.
  • GeoMedia Transaction Manager – GeoMedia Transaction Manager is designed for organizations that have multiple users who simultaneously build and maintain geospatial data models within a department or across an enterprise. It introduces the functionality for long transaction management, versioning, and temporal data management for the GeoMedia Professional and Oracle environment. With Transaction Manager, organizations can manage the life cycle of data changes while safeguarding the integrity and validity of valuable enterprise geospatial information.
  • GeoMedia Transportation Manager – GeoMedia Transportation Manager provides the key geospatial tools and technology to help professionals in municipalities, airports, seaports, departments of transportation (DOTs), rail companies, waterway agencies, and pipeline operations efficiently analyze and maintain the transportation infrastructure. Functionality is included for building a linear network model that will support both linear referencing system (LRS) and vehicle routing applications.

Customer References

  • Nevada DOT, USA- Intergraph's Roadway Information Management Solution helps agency manage, maintain state's entire public road network.
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