Power Focus Group Topic Areas

Integrated Piping & Hanger System Design

Products: SmartPlant® 3D & third-party analysis tools

The design of piping systems and hanger and support systems is a highly iterative process. Piping system designers in all industries can benefit from a design environment where piping layout, pipe stress analysis, pipe hanger design, and hanger analysis are highly integrated. These interactive tasks are typically performed by discipline specialists who need an integrated solution that does not exist today. For example, a nuclear plant may contain up to 20,000 supports. Initial support selection or design can take 40 to 50 hours per pipeline. Subsequent layout changes and other design changes can each trigger additional 40-hour efforts. The opportunity for efficiency improvements is significant. This Focus Group Topic Area will define an integrated solution containing the following elements:

  1. Preliminary piping layout and automatic input deck preparation
  2. Initial pipe stress condition
  3. Intermediate node, load, and movement write-back to 3D model
  4. Hanger and support location and selection
  5. Structural analysis of engineered supports
  6. Drawing generation and annotation
  7. Resulting final piping arrangement and support configuration

Concrete, Penetrations & Embedments

Products: SmartPlant 3D & third-party modeling tools

Nuclear plants require the extensive use of concrete structure. The design of the concrete structure, along with the definition and management of penetrations and embedded parts is a significant task. SmartPlant 3D’s modeling and relationship management capabilities offer a great opportunity to optimize this design activity. This Focus Group Topic Area will define the necessary modeling functionality, including penetration and embed management.

Integrated Air Flow Diagram & SmartPlant 3D Ducting

Products: SmartPlant 3D & SmartPlant P&ID

The primary process in a power plant is the generation of steam. Conventional power plants combine air and fuel; nuclear power plants require substantial ventilation. These systems require air flow diagrams with the appropriate data model and symbology. This Focus Group Topic Area activity will define the requirements for data, symbology, and integration with design and simulation tools. As there is a benefit of integration between P&IDs and a 3D piping model, there is also a benefit from integrating AF&IDs with a 3D ducting model. This integration will also be defined.

Industrial Architecture

Products: SmartPlant 3D

All plants, including power generating plants, require basic architectural elements such as floors, doors, walls, windows, etc. The concept of rooms and spaces is essential for nuclear plant design. While a full-fledged architectural package is not necessary, some important capabilities found in architectural applications are mandatory, and can be provided within the existing task environment of SmartPlant 3D. This Focus Group Topic Area will identify and define the necessary functions, reference data, and resulting deliverable templates for basic industrial architecture.

Reference Plant

Products: All SmartPlant Enterprise tools

The ability to design standard power plants for subsequent reuse is important to the power industry and is often referred to as “The Reference Plant.” The Reference Plant concept for SmartPlant Enterprise involves each design tool as well as a defined and managed SmartPlant Foundation configuration. This Focus Group Topic Area will identify and define the configuration of SmartPlant design applications, SmartPlant Foundation schemas, and integration maps necessary for Reference Plant creation and reuse.

Validation & Verification (V&V)

Products: All SmartPlant Enterprise tools

Nuclear industry regulations require engineering data to be verified and validated as a part of the design process. Traditional paper-based V&V processes of the past are not ideal in an integrated SmartPlant environment. The time and expense involved in meeting the V&V requirement can be reduced through an effective use of SmartPlant’s integration and change management capabilities. This Focus Group Topic Area will identify and define the necessary SmartPlant configuration and work processes to provide an optimal V&V solution that meets regulatory requirements.

Instrumentation/Electrical Schematics & Deliverables

Products: SmartPlant Instrumentation, SmartPlant Electrical, SmartPlant Foundation

While SmartPlant Enterprise is designed to service many industry segments, each industry has its own specific work processes. The  power industry’s domain experts working through the Power Focus Group will provide input to help Intergraph® identify and understand desired work processes and deliverables such as schematics, specifications, wiring, etc.; package units; and special safety regulations unique to the power industry. In addition, members will identify complementary third-party analysis programs that need to be integrated in order to help design and verify the designs. This Focus Group Topic Area will address these requirements.

Simulation Integration

Products: SmartPlant P&ID, SmartPlant Layout, SmartPlant Instrumentation, SmartPlant Foundation, SmartPlant Process Engineering 

The conceptual phase of the project is key since the majority of decisions, such as CAPEX, operability, safety, etc., are made during this time. Simulation of the process design is a key element in this task to optimize the design parameters in-line with the scope of the project. SmartPlant Enterprise offers solutions for this conceptual design phase with SmartPlant P&ID, SmartPlant Layout, and SmartPlant Instrumentation. In the power industry, Gatecycle is commonly used for the simulation task. This Power Focus Topic Area will define the work processes for the conceptual design phase and the integration requirements with SmartPlant Enterprise.

Kraftwerk-Kennzeichen-System (KKS)

Products:  All SmartPlant Enterprise tools

KKS is a well-adopted standard for the power industry covering the areas of tagging, structure, and nomenclature of plant components. Intergraph customers are finding more projects where KKS standards are required, and have asked for delivery of SmartPlant reference data that is KKS-compliant. SmartPlant Enterprise is KKS-enabled. Intergraph has an agreement with VGB, the standards developer, to deliver the standards with our products. Having a standard and using a standard are two different things. The Power Focus Group will provide input on its required uses. For example, some customers use an internal tag for the project execution and then use the KKS standard at project handover. How does this affect the deliverables, review during the project, and integration, etc.? While some use double-tags and the display features to show one or the other, others replace the tags at the end. We have several technical solutions, but the KKS Topic Area Team will lay out the required work process to optimize the design work. This Focus Group Topic Area will review the use of KKS standards on the projects in practical work processes and required deliverables at key project milestones.

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