SmartPlant® Alliance Technology Members

SmartPlant Alliance Technology members are software and solution providers who integrate their products with SmartPlant Enterprise technology.

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3DS Orthogen delivers multi discipline drawing solutions for PDS and SP3D. As project schedules and budgets continue to get shorter and tighter, automatic drawing production is a key element to increasing productivity and lowering costs. Automatic drawings generated from 3D models are created in a fraction of the time previously spent and they accurately and consistently reflect model conditions.

ABBABB 800xA engineering
The ABB-SmartPlant Instrumentation interface offers efficient engineering throughout the entire life cycle and bi-directional data exchange with ABB 800xA engineering.

AceCad Software
AceCad provides complete solutions for the Structural Supply Chain to design, manage and collaborate effectively, that complement the SmartPlant Enterprise. Users will benefit from reduced steelwork detail design, fabrication and construction schedules and costs. The unique Intergraph Smart™ 3D-StruCad interoperability solution provides managed model share, improved workflow processes and structural content collaboration. StruCad evolution delivers world standards in integrated connection design, automated design and drawing production, project review, RFI and model management.

ASD GlobalASD Global
ASD Global, the leader in Knowledge-based engineering software and solutions, helps clients in the Process, Power, Marine, and Government sectors optimize critical work processes, improving efficiency and profitability. ASD OptiPlant allows Owners/Operators and EPCs to develop and optimize early-stage 3D conceptual designs, estimate material quantities, analyze for engineering, constructability and operations; providing high quality 3D deliverables that can be imported directly into Intergraph SmartTM 3D for detailed design, engineering, construction and O&M. OptiPlant is a complete FEED solution to meet short schedules, delivering consistent quality results.

AspenTech offers a complete Process Engineering suite to design and optimize the plant processes. The SmartPlant solution interfaces with AspenTech Basic Engineer (Zyqad) which is the process data hub for Aspentech products and feeds the relevant process data thru that interface to the downstream design tasks such as SmartPlant P&ID. This helps to increase the productivity and design quality and consistency.

CAXperts offers valuable tools like Symbol Designer, development services, and consulting services to improve your productivity with Smart 3D, PDS, SmartPlant Materials, and other Intergraph applications.

Construction Systems Associates, Inc.'s laser scanning technology supports comprehensive asset management of industrial plants and facilities. All major plant applications can be integrated, including plant maintenance, operations support, safety and engineering.  The laser scanning 3D database is integrated with 3D models, all plant documents, and schematic representations.  PanoMap™ Laser Scanning Technology from CSA includes links to Smart 3D, SmartPlant Review, and PDS.

Design DataDesign Data
SDS/2 from Design Data has built-in intelligence to automatically design steel connections using a 3D model of beams, columns, bracing and joists.  Add the minor pieces of steel — ladders, handrails, stairs, hoppers, bins, checkered plates, etc. — with SDS/2’s parametric modeling feature.  SDS/2’s automatic detailing feature creates a comprehensive set of 2D drawings.  SDS/2 also automatically creates all of the major member details, submaterial details and erection views.

EmersonEmerson Process Management
DeltaV™ Interoperability between the DeltaV digital automation system and SmartPlant Instrumentation provides a bi-directional data exchange capability, saving time and increasing accuracy.

Engineering Planning & Management, Inc. (EPM)
The EDISON module of EPM’s GENESIS Solution Suite provides the electrical configuration design aspect required for the construction of nuclear generating stations. Inherent to GENESIS are the configuration management and control needed for the complete power plant life cycle. EDISON interfaces with SmartPlant Electrical through its design change process.

Honeywell has made its I/O catalogs available with SmartPlant Instrumentation, standardizing their automation project engineering throughout their global projects organization.

Leica GeosystemsLeica Geosystems
Leica Geosystems products and services are trusted by professionals worldwide to help them capture, analyze, and present spatial information. Leica Geosystems is best known for its broad array of products that capture accurately, model quickly, analyze easily, and visualize and present spatial information.  Leica CloudWorx™ 1.0 for Smart 3D is the latest addition to the Leica CloudWorx suite of products that enable professionals to use rich, as-built point cloud data directly in their native desktop design and visualization platform. CloudWorx products include direct links to Intergraph Smart 3D, SmartPlant Review, and PDS.

In Tekla Structures users can create 3D models of both steel and concrete structures and then generate output data used during fabrication and erection phases.  Tekla Structures software encompasses specialized solutions for structural engineerssteel fabricators and detailersprecast fabricators and detailers, as well as construction companies.

ThomasNet Web SolutionsThomasNet Web Solutions
ThomasNet Web Solutions helps industrial manufacturers database, manage, and syndicate their detailed product attribute and dimensional data into enterprise sourcing and design applications such as Intergraph.

Trimble's Power, Process and Plant solutions manage, and integrate the 3D laser scanning data needed to make informed engineering and design decisions. In addition Trimble provides turnkey consulting services to help assure project success. Services include data acquisition project planning, execution and technology transfer. Trimble works with customers to transfer knowledge on the execution of laser scanning projects from design and data capture to model creation and use. Trimble software products provide direct links to Intergraph SmartPlant Review and PDS.

Quantapoint provides laser scanning technology and services that help our clients achieve Zero-Defect Projects™. We “digitize” facilities using patented laser scanning technology and then use our award-winning Laser Model™ technology to create a high-resolution Digitized Facility™ that can be accessed directly or within Intergraph Smart 3D, SmartPlant Review, and PDS. Quantapoint also provides analysis, quality control, documentation and decision support services to eliminate the most common sources of preventable project defects from across the project life cycle.

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