2010 Platinum Pipe Award Winners

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The 2010 Platinum Pipe Awards recognize the most innovative automation ideas for SmartPlant® 3D and SmartMarine® 3D. Winners were announced at the Intergraph 2010 International Users’ Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S., on August 31.

The Platinum Pipe Awards Competition is sponsored by Intergraph Process, Power & Marine and the Process & Power Client Community (P2C2).

Click here to watch the video of 2010 Platinum Pipe 1st Place Award Winner, Samsung Heavy Industries.

See the videos:

1st Place

  • Samsung Heavy Industries – Automation of accommodations in a 3D model of residential areas for passengers and crew in a passenger ship

2nd Place

  • Grenland Group – Automation to check piping status to determine project progress in order to move resources where they are most needed to complete a project

3rd Place (tie)

  • Chinergy – Automation to track and analyze radiation exposure levels within a plant to determine safest walking paths throughout with lowest radiation levels
  • Hyundai Engineering Corp. – Automation for building spiral staircases for tanks, plants, and other facilities
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