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Platinum Pipe Awards Competition

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Platinum Pipe 2012

Click here to watch the video of 2012 Platinum Pipe 1st Place Award Winner, Smart 3D Category, Samsung Heavy Industries.

Samsung Heavy Industries and Empresarios Agrupados received First Place in the Platinum Pipe Awards Competition for most innovative automation ideas for SmartPlant and SmartMarine Enterprise solutions in the 3D and Engineering & Schematics categories, respectively.

SHI’s winning entry, submitted by ByungCheon, Min, used SmartMarine 3D to develop a lifting lug modeling and consistency check program.

Empresarios Agrupados’s winning entry featured a numbers of automations on SmartPlant P&ID, creating a customized system in compliance with all the requirements needed in order to be used in projects, either on a standalone basis or integrated with SmartPlant Foundation, SmartPlant 3D, and SmartPlant Instrumentation. The entry was submitted by Juan García Rendón.

The full list of Platinum Pipe Awards winners includes:

Category: Smart 3D

  • 1st Place - ByungCheon, Min, Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
  • 2nd Place - Juan García Rendón, Empresarios Agrupados
  • 3rd Place (tie) - Darren Litherland, Grenland Group
  • 3rd Place (tie) - Junnan Li, Xu Zhang, and Haibo Zheng, Chinergy Co., Ltd.

Category: Engineering & Schematics

  • 1st Place - Juan García Rendón, Empresarios Agrupados
  • 2nd Place - Zhang Honghui, Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Company Limited
  • 3rd Place - SNERDI I&C Group, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute

The 2012 Platinum Pipe Awards Competition recognizes the most innovative automation ideas for SmartPlant® 3D and SmartMarine® 3D, SmartPlant P&ID, SmartPlant Electrical, and SmartPlant Instrumentation.

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