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Intergraph Smart™ Services Methodology

Intergraph® Process, Power & Marine has evolved over the years from a provider of design software tools to a full-suite applications provider covering all aspects of a plant's life cycle.. The integration of these applications has seen a further evolution of our business into enterprise-level solutions, through SmartPlant® Enterprise and SmartMarine® Enterprise.

The popularity of these enterprise solutions has meant a rapid increase in the number of companies adopting them as a corporate or global standard. Because these solutions can cross many different disciplines, departments, and even countries, our implementation services capabilities have changed to address these new challenges. Intergraph implementation projects are defined, scoped, resourced, and managed so that delivery and acceptance is reliable and repeatable. Intergraph Smart™ Services Methodology applies a structured process to ensure the success of our implementations, with the key phases and resources being:

  • Assess Phase: An Industry Consultant with expertise in the client industry, works with the client and the account manager to ensure there is enough information in the client's Project Charter or Business Case to develop an estimate and a scope of work in order to deliver the right solution.
  • Plan Phase: A Project Manager mobilizes resources to the project, builds the project execution plan, and creates a schedule from the estimated task list. The Project Manager assists in identifying and mitigating risks as well as facilitating controlled change in scope.
  • Define Phase: An Industry Consultant meets with the various departments of an organization to define the future business work processes (based on Intergraph standard Enterprise Work Processes) that need to be supported and identifies any issues that need to be resolved. The consultant works with the client to prioritize their requirements according to greatest business benefit (i.e., a Cost vs. Benefit analysis) and develops a roadmap for the introduction of solutions.
  • Design Phase: A Solution Architect takes the requirements and roadmap developed by the Industry Consultant and designs a solution that meets the requirements in accordance with the roadmap.
  • Build Phase: A Technical Lead ensures that the build meets the design and performs functional testing in order to mitigate any rework during the Delivery phase. The client participates in recurring review meetings to track progress and keep expectations aligned.
  • Delivery Phase: A Quality Assurance Lead works with the client to develop test scripts that support both the requirements and design, plus provide governance over the acceptance testing of the solution within the Intergraph environment and then in the client environment.

Our goal is always to ensure that the solutions being deployed truly meet our customer requirements and are delivered with the highest quality possible, on time and on budget.

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