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SmartMarine Enterprise Interactive e-Document

SmartMarine Enterprise Interactive e-Document

SmartMarine Enterprise users report improved delivery schedules with increased detail design productivity of up to 30 percent. Check out the interactive e-document.


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Check Out the Microsite

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Intergraph provides marine contractors and owners with the solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiency through reduced building time and labor hours in addition to better automated production activities. Contractors and owners of marine assets can benefit from improvements in schedule and overall life cycle cost control. With better decision support capabilities, they can facilitate global design, production, and life cycle optimization — ultimately making the facility more competitive.

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Marine Structure Design and Assembly

Enable concurrent engineering, life cycle cost optimization and simple two-way integration with legacy systems. Intergraph's next-generation solutions offer more efficient design and improve productivity throughout the life of the marine asset. We integrate naval architecture tools for layout, rule-driven engineering workshare environment, pipe support modeling, and cable routing to enable state-of-the-art design, lower costs, and fast and efficient production of world-class marine assets.

Materials Planning and Procurement

Span the complete project execution life cycle from engineering through procurement and tracking to construction. Marine structure designers and owners can benefit from lower manpower and material costs. Our solutions span materials planning and procurement through to parts manufacturing and assembly, including hull and outfitting. We help avoid costly material surpluses and shortages. Facilities of any size can customize the exact solution that meets their workflow and workload requirements.

Information Management

Gain a fresh, electronic approach to the creation, storage, and management of marine engineering information throughout its life cycle. Intergraph provides marine structure contractors and owners with the solutions to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. 

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