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SmartPlant Construction

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SmartPlant Construction

A major construction project involves thousands of workers, millions of details, and numerous complex variables, such as labor, materials, weather, and schedules. How can you manage billions of bits of data every day to complete the project on time and budget? How can you turn improved information management into increased field productivity?

The challenge for the construction industry is determining how to make informed decisions based on the most accurate information available and how to manage people and materials in a dynamic construction environment to advance the project in the safest and most efficient manner.

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The Solution: Dynamic Work Package Planning

Intergraph®‘s SmartPlant® Construction meets the specific needs of construction companies, project management offices, fabricators, and owners in managing construction resources, materials, and schedules. The intuitive, configurable interfaces enable work package planners to create effective work packages using industry-proven work processes. Real-time material integration availability reports provide dynamic re-planning capabilities, and a configurable planning window enables planners to make economical modifications before problems grow.

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