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TSPE3242 SmartPlant Foundation Modeling and Mapping

The SmartPlant Modeling and Mapping course is the second in the Process, Power, and Marine series of classes on SPF and is designed to introduce an administrator and a data modeler to the SmartPlant data dictionary and structure. This course, which is a prerequisite for the SmartPlant Adapter Authoring class, provides an introduction and understanding of meta-schema and schema concepts, an overview of the SmartPlant Schema definition, and a working knowledge of the Schema Editor. SmartPlant Modeling and Mapping will also provide an understanding of mapping concepts and how to use the Schema Editor to configure mapping between the SmartPlant Schema and the authoring tool meta-schema files. The course also illustrates the steps necessary to extend authoring tool data models to move customer properties from one authoring tool to another through SPF. The steps to load the modified schema into the SPF database are also covered. The class is presented as a combination of lecture sessions followed by hands-on activity periods.

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Major Topics: