SP3D Piping Modeling Virtual Training


Length: Online Self Paced Training

This training class includes access to online virtual training modules related to Piping Modeling including equipment modeling, pipe routing and isometric creation. Online virtual training consists of

  • Virtual Instructor-led Sessions – These sessions are online courses that provide a brief overview of an SP3D feature or procedure, followed by a demonstration of the feature or procedure. A short quiz is presented at the end of each session.
  • Tutorials – These are PDF documents that provide detailed instruction related to a concept or procedure in SP3D. They provide a step-by-step description of a procedure similar to the procedure demonstrations in instructor-led sessions. Tutorials can be viewed and saved for later reference
  • Practice Labs – These are also PDF documents, which provide a summary of the procedures covered in instructor-led sessions and tutorials. These are useful for practicing the steps off line using SmartPlant 3D environment.

Online training does not include access to SmartPlant 3D software or environment.


  • SP3D Overview
  • SP3D Common
  • SP3D Equipment
  • SP3D Piping
  • SP3D Hangers and Supports
  • SP3D Drawings


Knowledge of 3D Plant Design CAD Concepts

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