Press FAQs

How many employees does Intergraph have?

Intergraph has approximately 4,000 employees. Of these, over 2,000 are employed outside the United States.

In how many countries does Intergraph have offices?

Intergraph has operations in more than 60 countries.

What year and where was Intergraph incorporated?

Intergraph was incorporated in Alabama in 1969 as M&S Computing, Inc. We are a Delaware corporation. The company's name was changed to Intergraph Corporation in 1980, reflecting its work in interactive graphics.

How can I obtain high-resolution Intergraph logos?

High-resolution logos are available for downloadzip.

Where can I read Intergraph’s press releases?

All Intergraph press releases are posted at Intergraph’s Press Web site. If you would like to subscribe to the RSS feed of our press releases, it is available at

How can I obtain images to accompany press releases?

Ask the contact located at the bottom of the press release for imagery, if not already distributed with the release.

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