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Large, complex products, such as ships, aircraft, tanks, missiles, and facilities demand the careful collection and organization of vast amounts of information. Personnel must access and update equipment and system details, which often reside in various software systems that do not typically communicate with each other. Manual data integration, disparate databases, and complex searches create a loss in productivity and effectiveness.

Intergraph's eINTEROP® product suite allows users to quickly access related data from multiple software systems. eINTEROP enables engineers, logisticians, managers, production workers, maintenance personnel, and operators to graphically view equipment or systems, quickly obtain accurate, integrated information, and easily perform updates. Offering unique capabilities, such as a single point of access and the ability to automatically populate system details, eINTEROP provides an intuitive graphical interface that is both adaptable and scalable.

LPD 17 class pre-commissioning units (PCU) sites in Norfolk, Virginia; San Diego, California; and New Orleans, Louisiana, currently employ the eINTEROP system, which was originally developed to provide a graphical support interface to the LPD 17 Integrated Product Data Environment. The eINTEROP design incorporates user feedback and requirements captured from several design for ownership workshops, PCU users, and Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) personnel. The San Antonio class, LPD 17 – 20, will undergo installation of the eINTEROP system utilizing a ship-specific, three-dimensional model. By using a proven methodology to record ship configuration data and drawings, eINTEROP is readily adaptable to any Navy ship, as well as other complex products.

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