CloudWorx™ for SmartPlant® Review

CloudWorx™ for SmartPlant® Review

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Analyze Point Cloud Data within SmartPlant Review

Leica CloudWorx™ for SmartPlant® Review

Intergraph® SmartPlant® Review is the complete visualization environment for interactively reviewing and analyzing large, complex 3D models of process and power plants. Used by many companies around the world, the software provides all the visualization tools you need to review designs during engineering, construction, or maintenance – in one powerful application.

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The CloudWorx™ add-on uses the Leica Geosystems HDS Cyclone™ software platform to provide access to point cloud data inside SmartPlant Review. This powerful combination enables you to perform a plant walkdown without leaving the comfort and safety of your office!

Laser scanning offers the most accurate, complete, and cost-effective way to collect and work with as-built information for existing facilities. CloudWorx for SmartPlant Review is the first point cloud solution to provide Intergraph users with the convenience and added value of working with rich, as-built laser scan data directly within SmartPlant Review.

Review and visualize in context with the existing environment

Users enjoy a virtual site presence within their native review environment. Project and design teams can review, visualize, and dynamically interact with real-world, “as-found” point cloud conditions and a fully-rendered PDS® or Smart 3D design model. You can confidently assess a design’s impact on construction and/or operations.

Powerful point cloud management and measurement

CloudWorx for SmartPlant Review users can quickly navigate and manipulate point cloud data. For any viewpoint, the application automatically selects the best set of data to load, plus it offers ready access to all data without having to segment scan data sets into smaller blocks. To quickly isolate areas of specific interest, users can apply sections and spatial limit boxes and recall a defined partition on demand. SmartPlant Review tools can be used for direct measurement on the point cloud, either within the point cloud or to design CAD elements.

Automated point cloud interference detection

Automatically detect clashes between modeled objects and point clouds, with results based on a user-defined tolerance threshold setting. All scan points indicating a clash within the defined threshold are visually highlighted.

High accuracy plus high performance

Enjoy both high-definition and high-performance point cloud management. Leica‘s point-based representation – in contrast to volumetric or “voxel”-based representation approaches – preserves the highest accuracy and fidelity of the raw scan data. From a performance standpoint, Leica algorithms treat data volumetrically for efficient processing, storage, and sharing.

Multiple scanner format support

Intergraph users can take advantage of scan data from any laser scanner via industry-standard data formats. In addition, CloudWorx for SmartPlant Review directly accepts, without any data format conversion, compact native data formats from the industry‘s most popular scanners. These include all models of Leica Geosystems HDS laser scanners.

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