SDS/2 Detailing Module

Using a 3D model, SDS/2 has the built-in intelligence to automatically design the connections for beams, columns, bracing and joists. Once the model is entered or downloaded, the connections are designed based off of an extensive setup that allows each customer to get the material, edge distance, and details desired. After the connections are designed, the user can model all the minor pieces of steel (ladders, handrails, hoppers, bins, checkered plate, etc.) interactively or using parametric design. The time spent to create the 3D model with all the relevant steel information is phenomenal. SDS/2 calculates all the geometry, setbacks, end preps, lengths, bolts, etc. you will need. Everyone in your company can use this 3D database to obtain the information they need.

SDS/2 Screen shotAfter the model is complete, automatic detailing will create the most complete set of 2D drawings available in the industry. All of the major members (beams, columns, bracing, miscellaneous), all of the minor material (plates, angles, templates), all of the erection drawings (plan, elevation and isometric) are automatically created by SDS/2. The 2D drawings taken from the model result in a fit in the field, again and again.

While the job is in progress, it is very easy to view the status of any jobs. Various stages of design, detailing, fabrication and erection are stored within the model. Simply view the status criteria you wish to view and the model changes color to reflect the status of those members.

SDS/2 is the proven leader, time and time again.

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