Complementary Software


Intergraph Software

  • CAESAR II - PD Stress feature in PDS speeds up the analysis process by exporting pipeline information for use as input to CAESAR II.
  • I-Export enables pipes defined with the simple pipe input capabilities of I-Sketch to be automatically loaded into plant design or stress analysis systems.
  • I-Sketch automatically produces design or as-built isometrics with bills of materials from a simple pipeline sketch.
  • ISOGEN takes PDS pipeline and equipment information and produces the highest-quality piping isometric drawings, with virtually no human intervention.
  • SmartPlant® Spoolgen® allows the addition of fabrication and construction information to design isometrics (IDFs and PCFs) from PDS.

Third-party Software

  • Dual-P, from Adexflow International, promotes piping analysis for design and maintenance in both plants and ships.
  • Design Data SDS/2, has the built-in intelligence to automatically design the connections for beams, columns, bracing and joists.
  • DST PipeStress2000, a nuclear-certified pipe stress product, uses a powerful new interface to rich data in the Material Data Publisher database to rapidly and easily build input decks by pipeline, by area, or by project.
  • BitWyse Solutions, Leica Geosystems, Quantapoint and Z+F UK provide interface software to SmartPlant Review that allows existing conditions captured with laser scanners to be viewed in the design environment, or in a walkthrough design review environment. BitWyse's LASERGen product enables the display of point clouds from multiple scanner formats inside SmartPlant Review. Leica's Cyclone Point Cloud Engine displays HDS-produced point clouds in SmartPlant Review. The Quantapoint’s PRISM 3D interface enables interactive and photorealistic 3D laser models of actual as-built laser documentation™ to be accessed from SmartPlant Review. The LFM Server software from Z+F is fast, easy to use and includes live links to SmartPlant Review.
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