Business Benefits

Save time

  • Generate quality details for standard or engineered supports with SupportModeler's fabrication drawing system – saving the time it takes to draw manually
  • Save effort by combining modeling, drawing production, and material take-off (MTO) tasks into a single automated and integrated workflow
  • Speed placement and ease checking effort with out-of-the-box "smart" libraries

Increase design quality

  • Facilitate pre-assembly and pre-installation
  • Manage large projects with thousands of supports that can scale to any size project
  • Improve project quality through visualization and formal clash detection

Improve data accuracy

  • Integrate the detailed pipe support design process into the rest of the plant by using SupportModeler in the PDS environment
  • Protect legacy data by migrating paper-based company standards into your intelligent 3D CAD design systems
  • Reduce field errors by creating better-detailed drawings in greater quantities
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