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PDS , Intergraph's comprehensive, intelligent computer-aided design/engineering (CAD/CAE) application for plant design, construction, and operations.

Accelerate large projects with SupportManager™
SupportManager is a batch processing utility and companion product to SupportModeler that speeds administration and production of piping deliverables for large engineering projects. This helps you automate fabrication drawing production, report creation, and project administration. SupportManager is most useful for larger projects in streamlining activities and reducing tedious tasks.

Boost productivity with Custom Libraries
Build your company's standards into very flexible libraries of pipe support assemblies. Assembly libraries define the detailed graphics for 3D modeling, the rules for sizing and placement, and everything needed to create automatic fabrication drawings for each support in a project. You can reduce errors, reduce checking, and customize supports and assemblies.

Vendor Library Catalogs in SupportModeler

SupportModeler includes most major out-of-the-box vendor libraries for increased productivity throughout your project. These extensive libraries contain fully parametric, industry-standard components that you can customize to fit your workflow. Standard assembly libraries allow you to place pre-configured standard supports quickly and easily.

Customize the libraries to suit your company standards, or let us customize them for you. Protect your legacy data and ensure best practices by including design guidelines and "rules of thumb" to create an intelligent library that produces designs with fewer errors.

  • Anvil (formerly Grinnell)
    Anvil International, part of the Mueller Group, is the largest and most complete manufacturer of fittings and hangers in the world. Their line of focused product offerings includes Gruvlok fittings and valves, malleable, forged steel, and cast iron fittings, couplings, hangers and supports for the plumbing, mechanical, fire protection, mining and oil and gas markets.
  • Behringer
    Behringer's block style pipe supports provide an excellent grip on pipe, tube, hose or cable. With a wide variety of sizes, and construction materials, these supports are made for hydraulic, industrial, high pressure water and electrical cable installations.
  • Binder
    The Binder Group of Companies is the Asia-Pacific region's largest manufacturer of proprietary and custom-built pipe suspension solutions. The company has developed a comprehensive catalogue of proprietary pipe supports.
  • Carpenter & Paterson Ltd
    Carpenter & Paterson focuses on pipe support design and manufacturing. Based in the U.K., Carpenter & Paterson has successfully completed projects internationally for the Power Generation, Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Process and Allied Industries, and were heavily involved with the construction of the Channel Tunnel between the UK and France.
  • Shaw Pipe Support Systems
    Shaw Pipe Support Systems is known throughout the world for its ability to accurately analyze piping stress, then engineer, design and manufacture the required piping hangers and support systems. Shaw engineers are specialists in all phases of pipe support engineering and design.
    In partnership with LISEGA GmbH, the leading pipe support manufacturer worldwide, Pelican Forge has developed a library of LISEGA components and an interface to LISEGA's LICAD software. SupportModeler has been enhanced to use support configurations that are defined in LISEGA's LICAD program, which is used for component selection.
  • PSL
    The Pipe Supports Group provides pipe support systems for the power generation, petrochemical and processing industries. It offers solutions for design and engineering services, constant effort supports, pipe clips and ancillaries, support steelwork, easislide support bearings, cold and cryogenic supports, load bearing insultation, comlin isolation materials, restraint systems and pipe system surveys.
  • PT&P
    Piping Technology & Products, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiaries, U.S. Bellows, Inc. and Sweco Fab, Inc., are manufacturers of pipe supports, spring hangers, pipe shoes, slide plates, and expansion joints. They offer finite element analysis simulation software, a PDS product catalog, electronic data interchange with customers to increase data accuracy and reduce cycle time, and Customer-Specific Product Databases.
  • Tri-Clover - Alfa Laval
    Tri-Clover products are the leading sanitary fluid handling equipment in the USA for the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. The company designs, engineers, and manufactures top-of-the-line sanitary pumps, valves, fittings and tank equipment available through Alfa Laval.
  • Unistrut
    Unistrut Metal Framing has been used extensively in industrial and commercial construction markets for over 60 years. Unistrut manufactures quality metal framing support systems for the electrical, mechanical, medical, and construction industries. Unistrut engineering extends the concept of metal framing to create a variety of support and structural elements.
  • Waukesha Cherry-Burrell
    Waukesha Cherry-Burrell supplies product lines for food, dairy, beverage, ice cream, pharmaceutical, and other industries around the globe, particularly industries that demand high sanitary performance. Waukesha Cherry-Burrell offers a complete line of hangers. The Sanitary Library that is delivered with SupportModeler includes complex pre-configured assemblies, using Waukesha components.
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