Key Features

  • Interference detection - Minimize expensive rework in the field due to interference between pipe supports and other plant structures and equipment.
  • Instant visualization - Detailed 3D graphics provide instant visual feedback at the time of modeling.
  • Individual fabrication drawings - Bring the goal of pre-assembled and pre-installed pipe supports one step closer with individual, annotated drawings for both standard and custom supports.
  • Material tracking - Intelligent components allow review, reporting, and interface to material management systems.
  • Workflow - The workflow of modeling standard supports and custom supports is combined into a single tool.
  • Libraries - Extensive delivered libraries make SupportModeler productive right out of the box, with user-created custom libraries added as required to improve productivity even further.
  • Deliverables to the O/O - The O/O can enjoy reduced risk for schedule slippage, accurate data for information handover, and up-to-date data as sustained during operations for revamp projects.
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