SmartPlant® Cloud

Key Features

SmartPlant Cloud

  • Multi-tenancy infrastructure, capacity on demand: Centralized solution for the full engineering life cycle, from design, though construction, to handover, and finally plant operations and maintenance.
  • Global access: Worldwide reach through the use of high-quality regional data centers, providing performance and capacity as required.
  • Global 24x7 support: Essential for globally executed engineering projects, SmartPlant Cloud provides non-stop support to Intergraph customers.
  • Scalability: Flexible, elastic, and highly scalable architecture meets the performance requirements of SmartPlant software products and also the requirements of the majority of plant engineering customers.
  • Standard import and export data interfaces: Customer data can be transferred between SmartPlant software products and customer in-house applications.
  • Web access: SmartPlant Cloud uses Citrix technology to transform the SmartPlant software products (most of which are client-server type applications) so that they are capable of being accessed over the Web. The environment will be optimized for interactive traffic through bandwidth acceleration, compression, and management, along with Citrix load balancing. Access to SmartPlant Cloud will be via Virtual Private Network (VPN). All traffic will be fully encrypted from the user device to the data center.
  • Usage and pricing flexibility: Customers can change the number of licenses and the number of users each month and pay as they go. Services can be brought together in a simple, single commercial fee per month based on usage.
  • Intuitive interface: The Web portal features an appealing user interface that you will enjoy using.
  • Off-site disaster recovery: A disaster recovery (DR) site is available in standby mode. It replicates all file and database data from the production site to the DR site in real time.
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