SmartPlant® Electrical

Complementary Software

Integration between SmartPlant Electrical, SmartPlant Instrumentation, and SmartPlant P&ID offers data sharing and data synchronization between the electrical, process, and instrumentation environments to increase productivity, data consistency, and accuracy. SmartPlant Electrical also offers direct integration with established third-party leaders in electrical analysis programs such as ETAP. By enabling design verification with the comprehensive analysis solutions offered by these vendors, SmartPlant Electrical reduces redundant data entry, resulting in increased accuracy and reduced labor.

In addition, SmartPlant Electrical is integrated with SmartPlant 3D for cable routing. Cable definitions (from-to) are created in SmartPlant Electrical and next the physical routing is performed in SmartPlant 3D. The cable length is then fed back for design verification such as voltage drop.

Upstream and downstream integration with SmartPlant Electrical is achieved through SmartPlant Enterprise, integrating business systems with engineering systems.

Plus, data can be made available to a wider audience, supporting various workflow scenarios. SmartPlant Explorer, a Web-based viewing solution, enable users to view the design, run a report, and show selected databases based on roles.

SmartPlant Electrical integrates with complementary applications such as SmartPlant Instrumentation and SmartPlant P&ID to create optimal workflow.

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