SmartPlant® Electrical

Key Features

SmartPlant Electrical

  • Enforce design consistency – Use loop-up tables and reference data.
  • Automatic deliverables creation – Take advantage of data-driven views of deliverables such as one-line diagrams and schematics. Increase productivity and enforce consistency across various deliverables all coming from a single source.
  • Change management – Keep track of the history of drawings and reports. Intelligent data updates the deliverables and eliminates the need for manual drawing updates, providing one system for all electrical data.
  • Rules/standards – Keep the design consistent with company and local engineering practices, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and efficiency, while reducing the chance of mistakes and costly over-runs.
  • Open solution –Interface with external solutions such as ETAP to complement your workflow.
  • Reports – Extract your information at any time in two types of reports: graphical and tabular. Graphical reports include schematic drawings and single-line diagrams. Tabular reports use the standard Microsoft Excel report mechanism and link to the project database. All are automatically generated directly from the data.
  • "What if" scenarios – Expand and optimize your electrical system using "what if" scenarios without worrying about the high cost of drawing generation or which CAD package the project uses.
  • Load balancing support – Ensure that loads are balanced correctly and data is consistent throughout the design. SmartPlant Electrical has built-in tools that help to ensure that loads are balanced and data is consistent through the design to avoid late changes in design and construction.
  • Relationships – Create and maintain relationships among the electrical components, propagating changes through these relationships. Single data entry ensures consistency. Deliverables are views or reports of the database, including the graphic reports of single-line diagrams and schematics.
  • Automatic schematic generation – Generate schematics in any of several formats, or generate your own template.

SmartPlant Electrical Detailed

  • Consistency – Electrical equipment is often shown on many types of documents, so it is essential to drive consistency through the deliverables. SIGRAPH.CAE maintains all project data in one place.
  • Best practices – SIGRAPH.CAE also enforces best practices. In SIGRAPH.CAE, designers can define best practices and reuse them on future projects.
  • Productivity – Take advantage of productivity tools such as mass data editing and spreadsheet-type interfaces that enable easy data querying, editing, and sorting.
  • Setup – Project setup is very easy and all data is contained in one place to make it easy to transport it to the site or other offices.
  • Flexibility – The modular offering and various licensing options (concurrent or moving) makes possible a flexible deployment.
  • Globalization – Both the software and deliverables can be customized for languages from around the world.
  • Customization – Custom reports promote your work processes, with output formats such as Microsoft® Excel®.
  • Added value – SIGRAPH.CAE offers an API to extend the data model, add automation, and add rules and even functions. Various tools make your data viewable on the Web.
  • Life-cycle coverage – Gain complete coverage of your workflow and generate required deliverables from concept design to detailed design, procurement, construction, and operation for various process, power, and marine industry segments.

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