SmartPlant® Electrical

SmartPlant® Electrical

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SmartPlant Electrical Detailed

SmartPlant Electrical Detailed, powered by SIGRAPH.CAE, helps you fast-track your electrical engineering with knowledge-based engineering and documentation from concept to detailed design for electrical engineering. The solution supports the electrical engineer or designer in detailed design tasks. The common hand off or interface between SmartPlant Electrical and SmartPlant Electrical Detailed is the load list, load balancing report, cable schedule, and load tags.

Create all the design and deliverables required for the electrical system, such as three-line diagrams, schematics, PLC loading, and cabinet design. The software’s workflow-based design helps the designer step through various tasks to ensure that all aspects are addressed.

SmartPlant Electrical Detailed’s design tasks follow the same basic data-centric and relationship concepts as SmartPlant Electrical, which enables consistent data creation, data modification, and deliverable creation.

Updated deliverables

The electrical discipline creates many deliverables, making it difficult to keep them all in-sync and updated. Checking deliverables manually is very time-consuming and prone to errors. SmartPlant Electrical Detailed ensures consistency between deliverables. Take advantage of change management by identifying the changes made during the design cycle. This helps you save time and reduce risk. The solution offers up-to-date documentation so you can reuse your design data, datasheets, and documentation to support various work processes. With the automatic creation of each electrical item, a relationship is created to ensure consistency, check for the optimal design solution, and enable fast navigation through the design and deliverables.

Consistency and productivity

Electrical equipment is often shown on many types of documents, so it is essential to drive consistency through the deliverables. Maintain all project data in one place. This helps you ensure that reports and drawings provide correct, consistent data, avoiding duplications and reflecting changes throughout the design. Easy navigation and cross references across multiple documents minimize downtime and increase productivity.

SmartPlant Electrical Detailed also enforces best practices. Many owners have company practices that reduce operational risks and OPEX. Designers can define best practices and reuse them on future projects. Take advantage of productivity tools such as mass data editing and spreadsheet-type interfaces that enable easy data querying, editing, and sorting.

Open flexibility

Project setup is simple. All data is contained in one place to make it easy to transport to the site or other offices. SmartPlant Electrical Detailed interfaces with various vendor datasets, and can import and export to a variety of file formats. The modular offering and various licensing options (concurrent or moving) makes possible a flexible deployment. You can support the complete workflow from basic to detailed engineering, integrating various disciplines, offices, and vendors.

The Detailed solution is also a perfect fit for the plant engineering team to create and maintain all details for the electrical system and have easy access to all the data and documents using navigation capabilities through relationships which will facilitate fast and accurate decision-making, essential in an operating plant.

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