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KKS Industry Standards

The reference data contains files to enable the KKS Industry Standards.

Description: Kraftwerks Kennzeichnungs System (KKS) standards will facilitate standardized plant engineering processes and reduce project start-up time in the design of fossil, co-generation and nuclear power plants. Documentation is included that will explain how the standard delivered software and reference data (RDB) can be updated to support the KKS naming conventions.

KKS standards are available on Intergraph® Smart Support.

Motor and Cable Data

The reference data contains look-up tables for motors and reference data for cables. Includes:

  • Typical IEC Motor Lookup Tables
  • Typical ANSI Motor Lookup Tables
  • NEC Motor FLA and LRC Lookup Tables
  • Typical ANSI Reference Cables
  • Typical IEC Reference Cable


Download SmartPlant Electrical Motor and Cable Data

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