SmartPlant® Explorer

Business Benefits


Plant Owners

  • Save time and avoid the cost of lost production by providing easy access to plant information. Whether you need to perform routine or emergency maintenance, make facility modifications to comply with regulatory changes, or assemble work packages for a planned shutdown, SmartPlant Explorer makes all of the plant information, documents, and drawings pertaining to the facility readily accessible in the right context.
  • Support regulatory compliance. Quickly access accurate plant and regulatory information to save time and money.
  • Ease navigation across engineering tasks. SmartPlant Explorer provides ease of integration and navigation from one application to another, providing access to P&IDs, instrumentation data, and associated data.
  • Reduce the cost of software and training. SmartPlant Explorer is inexpensive to own and maintain, and does not require training or client-side installation of software.
  • Call external applications through customizing Web calls.


  • Make the right decisions faster. Reduce the amount of time spent searching for data, resulting in tighter project schedules and lower project costs, thanks to simultaneous, real-time access to project data at its source.
  • Improve communication with upstream and downstream tasks. Enable other disciplines to view design data without paper document distribution. This eliminates the possibility of using out-of-date information.
  • Enhance design-checking procedures for global worksharing. JV partners can review designs that form the basis of their scope of work.


  • Support construction processes by improving communication with engineering, making project information readily available to all parties involved.
  • Streamline the entire work process, and the creation of work packets.
  • Improve two-way communication using the Web and e-mail, and eliminate the costs of sending information by way of overnight packages.
  • Support scheduling, management, and execution of multi-location projects with an easily accessible "Web site" for project data

Workflow Value Propostion

SmartPlant Explorer offers fast access to project data at its source. Our customers estimate that they save at least 15 minutes each day by finding the engineering information they need more quickly. SmartPlant Explorer delivers substantial savings and a rapid return on investment.

Time savings per person with SmartPlant Explorer Labor cost Daily savings Annual savings
15 minutes per day $50 per hour $12.50 per user $3,250 per user


  Number of users Total annual savings Annual viewing cost Annual Return on Investment (ROI)
Year 1 Future Years Year 1 Future Years
O/O 25 users $81,250 $20,000 $4,000 $61,250 $77,250
EPC – mid/large project 100 users $325,000 $75,000 $13,000 $250,000 $312,000

Note: The annual viewing cost includes software, maintenance, training, and customer configuration. The annual cost decreases in following years because the only cost incurred would be maintenance.

The ROI case is based on input from various sources, and averages and assumptions are made to present the case. For development of your own specific ROI, please contact your local sales representative.

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