SmartPlant® Explorer

Key Features

  • Navigate through project data
    • Drawings
    • Associated documents
    • Attribute information
    • Design calculations
    • Installation reports
    • Project standards
  • Access to project reports
    • Equipment lists
    • Instrument lists
    • Piping segment reports
    • Line lists
  • Microsoft Windows user interface – Familiar, intuitive Windows desktop environment for immediate productivity.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser – Point-and-click access to project information using standard drawing elements and everyday user terminology. No additional plug-ins need to be installed.
  • Extensive, easy-to-use on-line help and tutorials – No formal training is required for experienced Windows users or users of PDS data.
  • Server-side setup only – Centralizes and reduces administrative effort. This applies to all modules.
  • Project setup and user access control – Easy-to-follow question and answer dialog setup, with online Help, Setup Wizard, and a Getting Started Guide.
  • Maintenance – Project setup schedules are executed without administrative assistance.
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