SmartPlant® Foundation Web Portal

Smart and Secure Access Via a Web Interface

SmartPlant® Foundation Web Portal

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SmartPlant® Foundation Web Portal

SmartPlant Foundation Web Portal provides web access to your project and plant information stores with the same security and control as SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client users. The portal user interface and controls provide the flexibility expected from a Web application while providing the ability to review on-demand project or plant data.


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Integrate SmartPlant Foundation web parts into other application portals (or vice-versa) to create “one-stop” portals that present users with information from multiple data stores from a single query. SmartPlant Foundation Web Portals can be comprised of multiple pages, each with a specific orientation or task, but all pointing to the same database. This flexibility enables the creation of specific portal pages for the various project user types with an environment that is easy to use, focused to their information/data needs while screening unwanted tasks and options.


Usable out-of the box, the default SmartPlant Foundation Web Portal page provides a good baseline for developing custom project portals. Additional pages, page controls, Web parts, editing tools with full implementation, and customization instructions are also available free of charge. In addition to the pages, controls, and Web parts, the SmartPlant Foundation Web Portal uses standard portal technology so your own in-house team can take ownership to create, maintain, and control portal user interfaces unique to your plant or project.

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