SmartPlant® Fusion

SmartPlant® Fusion

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The fastest and smartest way to make your documents and drawings available for decision support

SmartPlant Fusion

SmartPlant® Fusion is the latest solution developed by Intergraph® to rapidly capture, organize, and make available large volumes of previously unstructured information through a simple web portal interface. The types of unstructured information include documents, drawings, lists and sheets, 3D models, and even link to High Definition Survey (HDS) laser scans.

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This 'as-exists' information asset is a vital but often undervalued representation of a plant or project. Organizing and keeping track of this information on a brownfield plant site could be very challenging, particularly during updates, revamps, turnarounds, and maintenance changes. This is the same for greenfield construction projects dealing with large volumes of unstructured information from multiple sources, such as suppliers, vendors, and engineering partners. If the information is not handled properly, it could degrade or be lost forever.

SmartPlant Fusion enables intuitive navigation with an accurate representation of the way things are really connected, making unintelligent information smart.

Intelligent Management of Your Unstructured Information

Unstructured information has existed as long as there have been computers and paper documents. It is important to recognize that legacy, uncontrolled, and unstructured information will always exist, which could hamper your ability to react to a variety of business situations.

To find out more about how to deal with unstructured information, Intergraph has developed a series of white papers for you to discover:

Understanding Information Challenges for Brownfield Assets and Greenfield Projects

Unstructured information continues to expose operations and engineering companies to unnecessary cost, risk, delay, and hazard. This paper highlights the challenges in collating, organizing and accessing unstructured information, particularly in brownfield plants, offshore facilities, and greenfield construction projects. Download Download white paper

New Approaches to Make Plant and Project Information Rapidly Available

This paper discusses a variety of new capabilities that are being made available by Intergraph and Leica Geosystems to enhance existing on-plant operations systems. Download Download white paper

SmartPlant Fusion Technology and Capabilities

This paper discusses the SmartPlant Fusion technology platform being developed by Intergraph to solve the unstructured information challenges of the process, power, and marine industries. Download Download white paper

Download To answer these questions and more, please complete the sales inquiry form and an Intergraph representative will contact you with more information about SmartPlant Fusion.

SmartPlant Fusion provides the basis for continual, phased improvement in the quality and integrity of your information asset, enabling the intelligent organization of your unstructured information.

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