SmartPlant® Fusion

Take Control of Unstructured Information

Trustworthy engineering data and documentation is essential to effective project delivery and safe, efficient operations. But the truth is, EPCs and owner operators alike struggle to manage large volumes of unstructured, unintelligent information – documents, drawings, models, lists, and datasheets, which exist in multiple formats and locations.

Key Challenges

Research conducted in cooperation with TechValidate.

Intergraph® SmartPlant® Fusion is a breakthrough solution to help you rapidly find, capture, organize, link, and visualize large volumes of information through a simple web portal. SmartPlant® Fusion is the fastest way to establish links, extract intelligence, and apply structure to your unstructured documents and drawings:

  • Rapidly capture and automatically organize and link documents and information.
  • Compare data and documents with the “as-exists” operational asset using high-definition laser scans.
  • Validate the facility’s “as-built” configuration at your desktop prior to field verification.
  • Visualize and navigate all facility information through an intuitive web portal. Find what you need from what you know.

Business benefits

  • Aids in the rapid discovery of content that would otherwise be hidden or require hours of manual searching.
  • Reveals document revisions and duplicates and helps you determine the best master, eliminating errors and time-consuming mistakes.
  • Makes information accessible to all stakeholders simply and intuitively, improving decision support.
  • Allows off-site access and team collaboration, avoiding travel costs and hazards associated with on-facility work.
  • Increases safety and regulatory compliance by providing timely access to required information.
  • Deploys quickly. SmartPlant® Fusion is easy to install and implement. You will be up and running in a matter of weeks, not months.

SmartPlant Fusion



SmartPlant Fusion provides interoperability with our template solutions for EPCs and owner operators. You can incrementally promote documents with their related tags into a fully managed environment within SmartPlant Enterprise or SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators with integrated tools, automated work processes, check-in/check-out, electronic sign-off, transmittals, management of change and much more.

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