I-Data Estimator™

Material and activity cost estimates for piping projects

I-Data Estimator produces cost estimates of the materials and man-hours required to install piping systems. It is compatible with any version of ISOGEN®, so it can be used by engineering contractors using 3D plant design systems as well as site engineers using SmartPlant® Isometrics and piping fabricators using SmartPlant Spoolgen®.

There are many benefits associated with I-Data Estimator. I-Data Estimator produces material and activity breakdowns from ISOGEN and integrates ISOGEN data with your company's cost data. It also integrates seamlessly with ISOGEN and I-Configure, and supports ISOGEN, SmartPlant Isometrics, and SmartPlant Spoolgen®. I-Data Estimator also allows open configuration using SQL statements and scripts, and provides flexible screen and document-based reporting. These features result in a fast return in accurate piping cost estimates, consistent cost estimates at various project stages, and a quick return on investment.

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