SmartPlant® Instrumentation

SmartPlant® Instrumentation

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Why Choose SmartPlant Instrumentation?

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Business Benefits


Reduce operational risk

Reduce downtime to increase plant production and maximize revenue and profits by managing all instrument data in a single environment. Downtime can cost millions of dollars a day. Better maintenance planning is possible because the information is ready and at hand. In addition, the control system has a large impact on plant safety and product quality.

SmartPlant Instrumentation was created and tested for increasingly complex projects, from small to large, with added quality and stability. Take advantage of rule engine capabilities to verify design with custom rules from external data sources. Improve performance to quickly execute projects and associated deliverables, such as custom loop diagrams. Plus, create new and enhanced data sheets which offer intelligence to improve data consistency and quality.

Through its calibration capabilities, SmartPlant Instrumentation can help ensure correct, on-specification performance of the control system and document performance over time.

Integration improvements between the tasks improve project execution. As-built workflow scenarios promote shared project execution and deliver as-built data to owners as part of SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators to lower operational risks.

  • Lower risk and save money through faster access to consistent data and documents, faster incorporation of modifications that impact numerous deliverables, and effective management of change
  • Support concurrent engineering and as-built project execution scenarios, synchronizing data between operations and engineering
  • Interface with specific control system tasks all acting on a single source
  • Interface with complementary solutions such as Fluke and SAP®

Optimize staffing efficiency

To make your staff more efficient, take advantage of the powerful engineering and design tools that SmartPlant Instrumentation provides. The software can be used in a hosting or workshare environment to take advantage of remote domain expertise, available resources, lower execution costs, etc.

SmartPlant Instrumentation offers rules-based engineering that will empower your engineers and designers to make the right decisions in compliance with your company rules, no matter the user’s location or knowledge level of best practices.

  • Provide Web access through SmartPlant Explorer
  • Save time due to fewer design errors and decreased need for rework
  • Increase data quality and consistency via the single data environment and design rules

Lower operational risks and increase plant up-time

Reduce facility-related costs by leveraging your data and enforcing consistency in design. Take command of your control system. Through SmartPlant Instrumentation’s market-leading tasks and capabilities, you can reduce the operational cost and risk of outages and execute projects and maintenance tasks more efficiently.

  • Reduce cost of data verification, because the built-in rules and relationships between objects ensure data accuracy
  • Lower cost of ownership, and easy to use for all plant teams and engineers
  • Leverage the data through integration with business systems, providing access to instrumentation data across the entire life cycle
  • Make better decisions with accurate data, ensured by effective change management and audit trails
  • Integrate with other operational critical tasks such as distributed control systems, P&IDs, electrical, and process safety
  • Facilitate faster, concurrent engineering, reducing hours and cost
  • Interface with up- and downstream engineering, procurement, and construction tasks
  • Create deliverables quickly, accurately, and automatically, directly from the database
  • Streamline procurement, help to ensure accurate material quantities, protect the project schedule, and eliminate costs

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