SmartPlant® Instrumentation

SmartPlant® Instrumentation

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Why Choose SmartPlant Instrumentation?

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Key Features

  • Enhanced SmartLoop – Providing true data-driven loop drawing, this feature avoids the need for drafting skills and reduces engineering hours. It also increases consistency between design data and deliverables.
  • Intelligent data sheets – A complete new set of more than 90 intelligent data sheets meets industry requirements.
  • Knowledge base – Ensure work consistency and save retyping and reengineering. Just use the Default datasheets, Default panel Manager, and Default Cable managers as your "libraries" of standard templates.
  • Data migration – Import various data formats with ease. You can migrate your data into a modern engineering tool. Data quality is improved because SmartPlant Instrumentation will not allow inconsistencies or missing data to complete loops.
  • Fieldbus – SmartPlant Instrumentation is the only instrumentation solution that can design control systems using Fieldbus technology.
  • As-built project management – Enables allocation of certain units or parts of the plant to engineering projects/revamps, while at the same time maintaining the allocated portion in normal operation. At the end of the project, engineering data can be merged seamlessly back into the plant data. The product’s support of Inter-Company Collaboration (ICC) extends the ability to publish SmartPlant Instrumentation data to SmartPlant Foundation and make it available for other engineering solutions in SmartPlant Enterprise and for operational activities. This streamlines and complements as built (O/O) domain operations.
  • Design rules – Create accurate engineering designs with design rules. For example, you can verify cable length during fieldbus design to avoid late and expensive changes. External functions enable the creation of custom data validation and external data entries.
  • Performance improvements
  • Bi-directional Emerson Delta V interface – Facilitate the efficient design and configuration of the control system.
  • Calibration – Enhancements to the Calibration module and the Fluke calibration interface will support your plant operations in maintaining an accurate control system.
  • Upgrades – Facilitate an easy upgrade to the newest product version to take advantage of the latest productivity-enhancing features and capabilities.
  • ESL custom mode – Update symbols to support customer standards in documentation.

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