SmartPlant® Instrumentation Upgrade Program

Take control system engineering to the next level

SmartPlant® Instrumentation

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Why Choose SmartPlant Instrumentation?

Read the White Paper

Take the next step in control system engineering. Learn why SmartPlant Instrumentation is better than the next-best alternative. Read the white paper.


GetSmart! Webinar Series

GetSmart Webinar Series

Download the recorded SmartPlant Instrumentation
Technical Update Webinar


SmartPlant Instrumentation

SmartPlant Instrumentation offers powerful capabilities to support your workflows and business objectives. Take these capabilities to the next level with the latest release of SmartPlant Instrumentation.

Why upgrade?

New functionality

  • Intelligent datasheets
  • External functions (rules enable design verification during design)
  • Improved performance and integration capabilities
  • Hosting capabilities
  • Inter-company collaboration


  • Stress-tested release has successfully met users’ demands
  • Rock-solid solution  for small, large, and complex projects across a wide variety of industries

Easy to upgrade

  • Simpler upgrade process minimizes manual input and automates the complete process

Contact us for more information about upgrading.


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