SmartPlant® Interop Publisher

Business Value

You can use data from different sources such as:

  • PDS.
  • PDMS.
  • Tekla.
  • AutoCAD.
  • MicroStation.

Use the resulting model in Intergraph applications. SmartPlant Interop Publisher supports generic industry standards, such as Building Information Management (BIM), including Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), CIS/2, and others.

SmartPlant Interop Publisher provides solutions for business cases such as the following:

Provides the ability to work with a wide range of datasets from Intergraph and non-Intergraph formats such as PDMS and XMpLant

Model data in other formats such as PDMS and XMpLant can be translated to the format recognized by SmartPlant Enterprise applications. This allows for heterogeneous tools to be used on a single project.


Supports disconnected workshare

Because the data is translated to files at the source site and attached as a reference at the target site, live connection between the databases is not required. Periodic publish and update of the Smart Models allows multiple partners to work on a joint venture project.


Allows for better security in joint venture projects

Network connectivity is not required. The translated files can be transferred using any appropriate mechanism.


Allows you to protect your intellectual property

Share only what you want your partners or subcontractors to see by filtering specific sections of the plant or object properties you want to include or exclude from model data that is shared.


Supports parallel design for increased productivity

If a project has several similar units, only one unit has to be modeled and translated. This translated unit can then be attached multiple times with the required positioning.


Allows for better use of survey data from laser scanning for construction and as-built projects

The converted 3D model can be viewed when displaying laser data in the SmartPlant Enterprise applications.


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