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Translating and sharing 3D models

SmartPlant® Interop Publisher (Publisher) provides a single solution to handle various 3D model and data formats (graphics and object properties) for display and use in Intergraph SmartPlant Review, Intergraph Smart™ 3D, SmartPlant Foundation, and SmartPlant Construction applications. (Note: an additional add-on module is required to publish to SmartPlant Foundation and SmartPlant Construction.)

Built on proven technology, Publisher will simplify your project configuration by offering quick and effective integration of multiple 3D models from sources like PDS, PDMS, PlantSpace, MicroStation, AutoCAD, CADWorx, CAESAR II, SAT, IFC, XMpLant, i-model or even multiple Smart 3D sources. Source model graphics and object property files are mapped into a common graphic and data format. Click here for a complete list of supported source model formats.

Typical users include project managers, administrators, and engineering leads who need to prepare various 3D formats for use in the project. Add the source files to the project and translate the files, which results in the Smart Model that can be used with the Intergraph applications. If needed, you may optionally transform the resulting Smart Model (moving, rotating, and/or scaling the model), or you can perform this step later in SmartPlant Review or Smart 3D application themselves. You can then provide the Smart Model to joint venture partners for their use.

In Smart 3D, you attach the Smart Model as a reference to the Smart 3D project to view it and model against it. You can:

  • Attach multiple Smart Models (reference files) from different sources to your Smart 3D model.
  • Inspect and provide property views for the referenced model objects.
  • Filter objects from referenced models based on their type and properties.
  • Extract drawings using graphic and label rules, showing relative positioning of objects from referenced models with limited annotation.

In SmartPlant Review, you can open and combine Smart Models for design reviews. You can:

  • Walk through the 3D Smart Models to understand the design or construction status during a design review.
  • Perform clash detection against objects in the Smart Models.
  • Perform motion collision detection by moving Smart Model objects along a path.

In SmartPlant Foundation, you can register the Smart Models with the corresponding plant. (Note: an add-on module is required to publish to SmartPlant Foundation and SmartPlant Construction.)

  • Publish the 3D model graphic and object property data using the delivered mapping and data formats, delivered OOTB with Publisher.
  • If needed, custom properties that you wish to include in the translated model must be mapped using the Schema Editor in SPF.
  • In SmartPlant Foundation, query and view the 3D model, along with associated links to other non-graphic data stored with the plant, in SPF.
  • Using SmartPlant Construction, retrieve components from the resulting Smart Model to create construction work packages.

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