SmartPlant® Interop Publisher

Supported Formats

Supported Data Sources

SmartPlant Interop Publisher enables you to work with file types from a variety of data sources as shown in the tables below. If your authoring tool can output any of the
industry standard graphic and data formats listed below, or if your authoring tool can export data to an Intergraph generic DGN/DRV format, SmartPlant Interop Publisher
can translate your source files. To further expand our data source coverage, SmartPlant Interop Publisher supports several generic formats, which can allow other systems or companies using these formats to also be supported.

Download the PDF for 3D model formats and files supported by SmartPlant Interop Publisher 2015 R1 and later.



  • Smart 3D applications require a license of SmartPlant Interop Publisher for conversion and reference of all formats.
  • Laser scanning applications require the SmartPlant Review Point Cloud module to support the display of laser data inside SmartPlant Review.
  • For ACIS and IGES files, the DRV and MDB2 files generated by SmartPlant Interop Publisher during translation are created with empty label data. This can also apply to MicroStation V7 DGN files that do not have tag data.
  • Smart 3D applications require a license of SmartPlant Interop Publisher for translation and reference of all foreign or third-party formats.
  • Both SmartPlant Review and Smart 3D applications require licenses from Leica, Z+F or Quantapoint to display laser data.
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