SmartPlant® Markup Plus

Business Benefits

  • Save money – SmartPlant Markup Plus can view, print, and mark up most industry formats without needing the original authoring application. Users who do not need full engineering application functionality can save money by choosing SmartPlant Markup Plus.
  • Gain flexibility – In standalone mode, SmartPlant Markup Plus creates redlines and stores them for later access and manipulation in a non-destructive manner. When used with Intergraph's information management products, redlines are securely stored, secured, and managed by those systems.
  • Increase productivity – Each redline can be actively managed, reviewed, and evaluated, either separately or in context of other markups created by other users. Each user can control which markups are to be displayed as he or she is viewing the document.
  • Simplify deployment and maintenance – The ability to view, print, and mark up serves to reduce the number of viewers and native applications needed by those users who do not require full engineering application tools.
  • Speed learning – Focus on the task at hand. SmartPlant Markup displays the appropriate interface and access to commands as defined by the administrator of the information management system.
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