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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SmartPlant Markup Plus?

SmartPlant Markup Plus is a view, print, and non-destructive markup tool for a multitude of 2D and 3D formats without having the native application. Each GUI is geared toward user convenience and ease of use. The application is highly context-sensitive, only presenting the proper GUI for 2D and 3D formats. Printing enhancements such as Print To Scale, Watermarks, and Stamps are provided. Additional display features such as Panning and Magnify Window are available. A Thumbnail control simplifies navigation of file systems while providing a preview of the file contents. The ability to set and reset file type association, combined with the Thumbnail Control, makes SmartPlant Markup an indispensable application in daily usage. SmartPlant Markup is a comprehensive document and information management system that enables seamless integration with Intergraph’s information management systems such as Directa, SmartPlant Foundation, SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators, and SmartPlant Construction.

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Can the product be used in a standalone mode?

Yes. However, users lose the benefits of server-side format support.

The only requirements for standalone operation include one of the supported Microsoft® Windows operating systems and Internet Explorer® 6.0 or later.

Does SmartPlant Markup Plus manage the original file and redline in standalone mode?

SmartPlant Markup Plus creates redlines and stores them in a user-specified folder for later access and manipulation.

While in standalone mode, redlines are not actively managed through workflows or any other document management techniques that integration with an information management solution provides.Up to Top

Is training available for SmartPlant Markup Plus?

Yes. Training is provided as part of the SmartPlant Foundation course.

However, most users do not require formal training on the view, print, and markup functionality. With SmartPlant Markup Plus, the GUI is easy mastered and the online Help is very thorough.Up to Top

Is SmartPlant Markup a Web application?

No. SmartPlant Markup Plus uses Internet Explorer as the display container, but the product components are required to be installed on the client PC. However, SmartPlant Markup Plus provides both initial installation and subsequent automated product updates from a Web server, simplifying deployment and maintenance.Up to Top

Is SmartPlant Markup Plus a thin client?

No. Some features of the product make it a poor candidate for a thin client. These features include the standalone capabilities of the product, including seamless desktop integration, plus the capability to display and manage several windows simultaneously. Up to Top

Is there a limit on how many files I can have open and how many windows I can open for same file?

No. There is no specific limit, other than the fact that you might run out of system resources.

However, SmartPlant Markup Plus is optimized to avoid this potential issue. Even though you may have multiple windows of the same file open, the display takes place in a separate process with awareness of this duplication, thereby minimizing resource usage.
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What is the difference between SmartPlant Markup and SmartPlant Markup Plus Server?

SmartPlant Markup Plus is the client-side application that is the preferred solution for most users.

SmartPlant Markup Plus Server is the server-side application that is required when integration with an Intergraph information management system is desired. SmartPlant Markup Plus Server extends the view, print, and markup capabilities to the most common Windows Microsoft Office formats used in the process industry. Up to Top

Do I have to associate file types to SmartPlant Markup for them to be displayed by SmartPlant Markup?

Absolutely not. However, associating file types is a valuable feature of the product that allows it to be integrated seamlessly with your desktop.

Another important feature of SmartPlant Markup Plus is that it can remember the previous associations and reset them again if you so choose, at any time. Several methods are provided to invoke SmartPlant Markup Plus to display and mark up. These include shell context menu, file type association, and drag and drop, by applications such as Directa, SmartPlant Foundation, SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators, and SmartPlant Construction.Up to Top

Can SmartPlant Markup display SmartSketch files?

Yes. SmartPlant Markup can display RAD files V3.52 (SmartSketch 4.0) or later. The display is non-intelligent and enables you to create markups similar to all other supported file types. Up to Top

Can SmartPlant Markup launch other viewers?

Yes. You can set SmartPlant Markup to associate with a specific file type, but specify that SmartPlant Markup Plus launch another application to actually display the file. In this scenario, you will no longer have the markup capability for that file. Up to Top

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