SmartPlant Materials

Business Benefits

Modular, open, and fully Web-enabled, SmartPlant Materials responds to owner operator (O/O) and EPC business drivers by:

  • Lowering total project and installed costs by reducing labor hours and eliminating materials surpluses and shortages
  • Reducing plant schedule through integration with design and cost systems
  • Increasing competitiveness through minimized project bidding time, compressed schedules, and reduced labor hours – including administration, engineering, procurement, supply chain management, and construction
  • Improving risk management through better overall project performance, project cash flow management, and true management by exception
  • Enabling global project worksharing and execution, using correct, complete, and consistent data
  • Enabling data reuse throughout the plant life cycle, including plant operations and maintenance, and refurbishment
  • Managing subcontracts via eSupplier functionality from the planning phase to tracking each progress step of a subcontract

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