SmartPlant® Materials

Key Features



SmartPlant® Materials supports materials quantification for bulk or itemized materials from estimate and basic front-end) design, through detailed design, to the as-built plant.

Supplier Management

SmartPlant Materials offers a Supplier Management solution, an integral part of the Material Supply Chain Management Module. You can access historical information on supplier performance during previous projects, define and assign criteria for selecting suppliers based on predetermined qualifications and past performance, and maintain supplier history/details/products and vendor history/ratings.

The supplier can register and maintain information SmartPlant Materials Portal. This reduces the amount of EPC or contractor effort required for this kind of maintenance work.

Inquiry Cycle and Purchasing

SmartPlant Materials provides a central location for the storage of all inquiry and procurement data, and enables effective management of the data throughout the inquiry cycle and all procurement activities. You can greatly reduce the inquiry cycle time by involving the suppliers directly in the process by giving them secure online access via the SmartPlant Materials Portal.

Expediting, Inspection, and Logistics

SmartPlant Materials enables continual reuse of data from one department to another, and ensures that data are reliably maintained as subsequent revisions are issued. The Expediting, Inspection & Logistics Module can be accessed remotely through the Internet by third parties such as suppliers, freight forwarders, or inspectors.

Progress Measurement

SmartPlant Materials has the ability to track account codes or control accounts to the material line item level. This enables you to capture and report procurement activities performed at the line item by control account or account code.

Inventory and Warehouse Management

Data created during SmartPlant Materials Expediting simplifies and shortens the materials receiving process, whether in geographically distributed job sites or warehouses. Material site data collection can be automated for site receiving, inventory reconciliation, material issuing and more. You can easily create over, short, and damage (OSD) reports. Reviewing materials issued to sub-contractors, based on drawings or work packages, saves you time and money.

Construction Planning

SmartPlant Materials enables site management to optimize capacity planning for construction personnel versus predicted material availability at any given point in time. This creates a massive reduction in risk for the contractor, as well as dramatically improved competitiveness.

Subcontract Management

Subcontracting functionality is completely embedded into SmartPlant Materials. It covers planning, Request for Quotation (RFQ) to award, and all post-agreement activities, as well as progress control for each subcontract. Using the subcontract strategy enables you to seamlessly continue with requisitions and inquiry, with the solution providing all features required for subcontracting. All subcontracts are handled in a single place which fully integrates all disciplines and departments. This enables teams to collaborate more effectively across the engineering, procurement, and construction life cycle. Using the SmartPlant Materials portal will enable contractors and subcontractors will be able to use a unique electronic communication platform from quotation and project awarding down to subcontract administration.

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