SmartPlant® Master Tag Registry

Making tag register creation easier

SmartPlant® Master Tag Registry

Projects include hundreds of thousands of tags, on thousands of documents, contained in hundreds of applications, databases, and spreadsheets. Traditional methods for handover involve the tedious, manual collection of numerous, key technical data from many disparate sources. This data must be checked, organized, and formatted in preparation for delivery to the owner. In many instances, this work is postponed until late in the project when those best equipped to resolve discrepancies and make corrections have been de-staffed and reassigned to other projects. Unanticipated risk and cost to the project result. In some instances, this has been in excess of US$1 million per project.

The Intergraph® SmartPlant Master Tag Registry (MTR) is a module for tag management and tag register production, focused on making tag registers easier to produce for handover to owners.

Business benefits

MTR helps to save time, improve quality and reduce project cost and risk by

  • Improving efficiency in vendor collaboration through the use of Excel-based registers that prescribe required information to enforce data integrity and automated data take-on.
  • Automating the collection of data needed for tag registers, eliminating tedious manual work traditionally required.
  • Shifting the planning and preparation for data gathering and tag register production earlier in the project.
  • Increasing the efficiency of tag register production with automated generation and updating as required at each milestone.
  • Leveraging change management capabilities to automatically produce incremental registers and review changes between versions.
  • Enhancing early visibility of collected tag data to identify issues early in the project, while knowledgeable staff is still available to address issues.
  • Leveraging seven commonly used tag registers available out-of-the-box to accelerate project startup.

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