SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators

SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO)

Maintaining the integrity of engineering information across the life cycle

Owner operators face many demands, such as the needs to:

  • Minimize CAPEX and OPEX expenditures.
  • Deliver projects as quickly as possible.
  • Ensure safe, sustainable production.
  • Demonstrate compliance to meet regulatory authority requirements.

To help meet these demands, Intergraph® offers SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO). SPO leverages the engineering design basis to offer a number of business benefits. An extensive portfolio of integrated, pre-configured solutions address key owner operator work processes across the plant life cycle:

Virtual Asset Managment

Engineering Life Cycle Information Management

Project Delivery

Project Delivery



Requirements Traceability Requirements Traceability
Operations Change & Inspections Operations Change & Inspections

Mobile Support

Mobile Support

Data Handover

Data Take-on & Handover

Virtual Training

Virtual Training

Connecting Engineering Design with Reality

Connecting Engineering Design with Reality

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Case Studies

Lumina Copper Case Study

GASCO Case Study

Santos Case Study

Nynas, Vietsovpetro, Gassco, Inpex, Woodside in the Owner Operators Spotlight

White Paper

SPO - Leveraging the Engineering Design Basis Across the Life Cycle White Paper


Interoperability With eVision Control Of Work

White Paper

Interoperability for Improved Plant Floor Efficiency and Safety White Paper


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