Operations Change & Inspections

SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators

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Alzchem Ensures Data Integrity, replacing engineering, and inspection data management systems with Intergraph solutions to centralize information management throughout the manufacturing processes.


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Operations Change & Inspections

SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators

Operating Plant Solution

Support Management of Change (MoC) in the operating facility. The SPO Operating Plant solution provides common, critical work processes for the operations and maintenance phase of a plant’s life cycle.

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Management of Change for Operations

Maintaining the accuracy of essential plant engineering, maintenance, and operations information is crucial to safe and efficient plant operations. Traceability of plant changes and auditability of the management of change (MOC) process is essential to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements. The Management of Change for Operations business process provides rigorous MOC of engineering information with full traceability and audit trail.

Inspection Assistant

Plant owners must meet increasing regulatory demands for demonstrable compliance with requirements for equipment inspection. The Inspection Assistant business package manages the scheduling of equipment inspections, the capture of inspection results, and follow-up of punch items. The process is aided by an automated workflow to provide auditable traceability of the entire process. For each inspection, multiple inspection check sheets are generated, one for each inspection point. These inspection check sheets can be completed in the field on hand-held devices, then uploaded to SPO when returning to the office.

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