SmartPlant® Process Safety

Business Benefits

  • Identifies and eliminates hazard and operability issues much earlier in the design – before change becomes limited and expensive
  • Substantially shortens the time and cost of HAZOP studies and critical path activities – enabling new projects to come to market and achieve payback
  • Reduces the cost of HAZOPs
  • Improves the management of change processes – helping to save costly plant down time
  • Supports mergers and acquisitions – provides a fast process for analyzing the newly acquired plant against corporate standards for process safety
  • Ensures HAZOPs are consistent – producing a full, auditable record of the team’s decisions
  • Captures and reapplies experts’ safety and operability knowledge – making it consistently available across the corporation
  • Integrates safety into a project’s electronic workflow – provides a mechanism to integrate hazard identification, analysis of likelihood versus severity, and risk reduction through the standardized manner in which information is entered

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